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Bammie’s Banter - Back at Work !

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This is rather exciting news!  It's not even 4 weeks since I’ve been off my crutches, I'm back at work!!

I can’t believe myself!

Some times I think I'm kidding myself on that I’ll able to work. I'm not working my usual 40 plus hours a week and wouldn't want to any more. I'm back in the kitchen as the little chef. I know my kitchen manager is happy to have me back; it’s like we are a family in there. To be honest I'm very happy being back at work. It keeps me sane in some way, out of trouble also I am very proud.

The hardest shift I’ve done was when we were very quiet,  so was I sitting down a lot. That's the only time I have struggled - my back got very sore.

The main thing is that I'm resting well, using my wrist spints every day and getting a good night sleep. With medication being the right cocktail and the sunny summer weather -  not a thing is stopping me. It's amazing how much a difference there is in me since last month. When I gave up work in November I thought; “ this is it, that's me never going to work again”. It just took sometime to get things sorted.

There is also a couple of things that I'm not sure about: it's mostly what benefits that I'm still entitled to get, as I don't want to be bursting my backside to be worse off in money. So, medication is sorted I'm just waiting to see the dietician. I'm going there as I'm having problems with eating. It is as if it’s because I'm on the medication that I'm not able to eat something. I sadly never got told this at the hospital. No joke.  That was three months ago and  I still don't know how long it will take to get an appointment. I have got a diet of food I like and know for sure that I won't be sick on. I'm rather gutted not able to eat some of my favourite foods – but if I want to keep well I’d rather do just about any thing to keep it that way!

Well off to bed now!  Another day and other dollar down or is it up?

Take Care

Charlotte x


I am so pleased to read about how well you are feeling and that you are back at work! Is it still going well? :)