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...ting things in

I'm sure everyone feels there just isn't enough time in the day sometimes, and this week there just hasn't been enough time on any one of the days for me!  Work, two days off for the children and some events I'd committed myself to helping at has meant my running shoes and I have not had enough time together.
If I'm going to complete the London marathon, I have to find the time to train, and when it's just not there, well, I have to make it up.
Which is why, at 9.30pm on a Saturday night (a cold Saturday night) I'm leaving the living room, and am off to pound some pavement...


Dr David Hamilton author of 'how your mind can heal your body' has done a study where some participants actually do an activity and other just think about doing it, both achieve very similar results!! Wonder if you could adopt this strategy for the Marathon......
As a great fan of sleeping, Sharon, I wonder if I could just dream about it to get the same results...?!