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Ice and Shine

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The Drumlanrig Demon 10K

The 3 races at Drumlanrig today were organised by the local secondary school, Walllace Hall Academy, and they've been happening for four years now. There's a half-marathon, a 3km fun run and the Drumlanrig Demon, which is a 10K race, part road and part cross-country (which means hills!).
Today was stunning - brilliant sunshine, biting cold and quite a lot of ice underfoot in the shade.
I've run the Demon three times now: last year my time was 47:04, and today I improved on that by about a minute (I timed myself at 45:43 but the official times aren't posted yet). 
So I'm pleased, not too sore, and luckily got to spend the afternoon in bed as I'm just off to work right now!


Wow Craig!! Well done! You are an inspiration! I can just imagine from what you've written how cold your legs must have been! It's lovely to be able to get out and about on such crisp autumn days but I really do take my hat off to your marathon running and determination! Mel
Impressive time! Did you have a painting under your arm at the time! Beautiful location, dedicated photographer.... Well done.