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Are waiting times - for GP, Hospital, or other appointments or procedures - getting longer or shorter in your area?

I moved Health Areas at the end of May and I am still waiting to see a consultant despite my case being marked urgent. I am on Enbrel as well as Methotrexate. Luckily I have no major health issues and go for my monthly blood tests but I don't feel very happy being on this medication without being under a consultant's care. They admitted they were aware of the lengthy wait and were taking steps to alleviate the problem by putting on clinics in the evenings and weekends due to shortage of consultants but couldn't give even an estimated date as to when I would be seen.

I go between GGC and Ayrshire and Arran because of the type of arthritis and other illnesses I have. I find that the Rheumatology related times are shorter than for other things relating to my condition, such as psoriasis, infertility RA clinic. I know I am very lucky to have had this experience though as I know other people who are waiting months and sometimes over a year for things.

I'm in Fife, and my rheumatologist has referred me to the orthopaedic surgeon for my knee. I've just received a letter saying that waiting times are currently 12 weeks, but I may get an appointment sooner than that. I await with interest, and i'm counting...

I'm in Forth Valley. When I initially thought I had PsA ( a suspicion my GP had too) it took me two visits to convince him to refer me and he was saying it would be 4-6 months to be seen. I was "lucky" I had private healthcare via my work and was able to see the rheumy the following week. I was through a battery of tests and stuff in about 3 weeks and was formally diagnosed with PsA. Once this was the case I was "dropped" by the private scheme so the rheumy transferred me to his list on the NHS allowing 6 months for the date to come through and had one more private consultation about 3 months into taking MTX. After 6 months I was seen on NHS. I have been on 6 monthly appts since though as my condition is not under control I feel somewhere beween 6 weeks and 3 months would be more appropriate. I was in seeing a rheumy nurse the other week and I mentioned the new NICE guidelines in England that recommend monthly visits until the condition is controlled and she laughed at me.

Received my appointment at long last - beginning of November - fingers crossed now!