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Cold weather is setting in - How are you planning on staying warm this winter

Hello everyone,
So it's that time of year again when the frost settles in the air and you need to look out the winter jackets/hats/scarfs and gloves.
I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to keep warm this winter?
Personally I will be buying some popular designer Wellies to replace my cheap ones and getting some super thick knee high socks.
I think i'll be making a lot of homemade soup too as its a good way to warm up after work.


I carry a small water bottle with me everywhere I go and fill it up just enough to keep me warm. I re-heat it all day at work and also try and wear layers of clothing - not so I'm like the Michelin Man and uncomfortable, but so I can peel off when I get Anti-TNF ' Sweats' and put back on again when I get the winter arthritis shivers. :)

I'd like some more ideas - I wish I liked soup! I got a good pair of wellies in a local sports shop that were cheaper than the popular designer ones and are so comfy :)

Yeah like the sound of the knee high socks,will go well with my micro mini skirts.

Kenny ;-)

Ha Ha Kenny!If you find this helps your arthritis please let us know!