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How does the Weather affect your arthritis?

As the weather has been changing, with the arrival of the autumn season, I feel myself getting a wee bit slower - is this the weather or is it the darker nights - or am I just getting old now I'm 35?


Anyone else with arthritis feel like this?



It doesn't- though was much better in the hot weather in the summer, I think that was a brief spell of the Sulfasalazine working. In winter much the same, I cant say I can tell a difference, I love my fishing and when I could still manage sort of, early last winter, I was out on the river. Other than the swollen fingers feel the cold I don't think it was any worse than normal fingers. One odd thing though is one of my fingers that is affected, never tanned when I had a bit of the sun in the summer. The affected joint stayed quite pale almost transparent in a way. There was a noticeable line above and below the joint where no colour change happend onthe finger. Dunno if this is a regular thing as I have no one to compare it to.


I've not experienced the not-tanning issue but I wonder if anyone else has? Did you happen to ask your dr about it?

I really believe that colder weather effects my joints. I am always more sore, stiff and swollen in the winter months. This summer was really hot and I felt great! Although my Enbrel is working and I haven't had a bad day in months I can feel my body slowly starting to run out of steam and get more stiff. It always feels like a long painful winter in my book.

I hear ya with the 'running out of steam' - today, even though it's sunny in bonnie Ayrshire, it's still cold and I find myself stiff, sore, feeling as 'tinny' as a robot and unusually very grumpy and irritable - everything is bothering me today......I want to do housework but it's difficult to even get up from my chair, I can't bend, I haven't even been showered yet and it's late afternoon - all because I feel I'm made of stone and my mood is being affected, which in turn is affecting my coping mechanisms!

I would love to be in the sun but like some sort of Victor Meldrew character the idea that I'm too skint (like everyone else!) to jet to the sun is making me even more irritable! Bah Humbug!

I need your tips to keep me sane and help me to cope today folks! All tips appreciated! That smile is in there somewhere!

mel x

I've found a massive change in the past couple of weeks. Having days when I can't quite move already and the real winter hasn't even started!

Does anyone find their eyes go really dry in this weather? I don't know if it's my arthritis or as a reaction to more heating being on - or both? I'd like to know what you think as I'm thinking of mentioning to my GP - it gets worse as the winter progresses!

I started having eye problems in June. I never for an instant thought it was related to the PsA ( well I thought it was maybe due to the Sulfasalzine) and I just happened to mention it to the physio as she wondered why I was blinking all the time. She had my GP give me drops ( apparently the inflammation, affects the quality of the tears so though my eyes were actually watering, the viscosity was poor- leading to dry eyes) I was tested - twice in three weeks and they said I deffo had dry eyes but no signs of anything worse and I was given drops on the first visit. I find the bright weather/ or sitting in front of a bright screen seems to kick it off. The drops helped and by the 2nd visit it was almost gone. It stayed away until about the end of August since when its been getting bad again. The doctors give me more artificial tears. I also notice I started to get a dry mouth, which started in July, just noticed it at night cos I was waking up thirsty. I mentioned this to the docs too and he checked me for Diabetes! But I was fine ( what else do I need? not like I am overweight or anything). I never noticed it at all during the day though I have been awful aware of my teeth since about xmas which the dentist can see is due to arthritis in my left jaw ( its a joy this innit?). But this last week or so I have noticed I feel I have a dry mouth during the day, though its not like I have no saliva. Not sure if this is related to everything else or what. But coming back to the dry eyes, I tend to feel it more outside when there is any sort of breeze, I think the cooler weather just accentuates it. The drops help, if I use them for a few days it seems to need less attention for a few more. Hypromellose eye drops they are called. I think I sound like a hypochondriac, and I am one that doesn't "do" doctors. Will run it by the rheumy next week if he gives me more than 10 minutes this time.