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What Medication Works for You?


I've been on Adulimumab for 4 weeks and wondered if anyone else has had real health benefits from this treatment?

Thank You :)

I was on Humira previously to my new medication. I had no good effect on it and i was put on Etanercept. I feel alot better on new medication than i did on Humira


Thanks for responding. It has worked the opposite way for me - I started on Etanercept with no luck! I'm glad you are feeling better. What benefits have you found?

I have found that my knees are not so sore and stiff first thing in the morning and i am not so tired as before, people said that i looked better, i recently had to stop the medication because i was on an antibiotic and then while on it i ended up in hospital with an infection which had gone into my bloodstream. The treatment is not back in my system yet and i am feeling very stiff and sore all the time. I having to wear my working splint again because my left wrist is damaged. Are you feeling any better on Humira?

I am feeling much better and that's now 6 weeks! Although I am sick and a bit tired for a few days after my injection, I thank my lucky stars that the injection is only once every 2 weeks - so I don't have to feel like that all the time, like I did on Etanercept.

The same as you, people have said I look better and I certainly feel I have more energy and am less sleepy!

Are the injections sore for you?

Yeah, even if i take it out the fridge a few hours before like i was told to do, it really stings, my skin looks horrible on the injection site and i was given some cream to put on 5 mins before i do the injection. I get terrible sweats for a few days after i take Enbrel and i feel exhausted. Pain is not too good at the moment and my knees are sore and swollen. So glad to hear you are feeling a lot better and i hope that continues.


I know that stinging feeling! I've found if I take it out of the fridge for an hour, rather than for 30 mins, that helps, but not too much! It's like 100 bees stinging at once, but I know that if I can persevere for the 10 seconds it will be worth it - but I also feel like I've been run over by a truck for the first 3 days after the injection. I've had the sweats before too - what else do you get? Will they up the dosage if it doesn't manage to control your pain?

Nothing so far unfortunately. MTX cleared up my Psoriasis ( slight though it was ) and with Leflunamide on top I had about 10 days when I wasn't long on 10mg that seemd to settle things down a bit, then after I was increased to 20mgs I had another fortnight when things seemed improved before it went bad again. It's been similar on Sulfasalazine, it took about 12 weeks ( 6 on the therapeutic dose ) and things seemed to stop getting worse, and there was a definite improvement to the extent that my swollen fingers looked much better.
But after 3 weeks of this it started to come back and since mid August I can see and feel swelling on joints not affected before. I still have just over a month before I see rheumy. Not sure if I should be telling anyone- mentioned it at the GP's today when getting my bloods done but it all feels pointless now. Nothing is working and no one checks on you occasionally. Been on Injectable MTX since August as I was getting worsening nausea as time went on with MTX. Its definitely better in this regard on the jags, but I do still feel a bit weird after my weekly dose and can never sleep that night ( tonight- Friday is MTX night- yuck). On top of the MTX and sulfa I eat Diclofenac like sweeties ( 150mg a day) and all the other stuff folic acid/omeprazole etc. Its a total joy.

Hi theunfamousfly - thanks for sharing. What a terrible time you have been having - I can never be totally in your shoes, but from my own personal experience I can identify with what you are saying - especially seeing every minute of the clock during the night and feeling as though I'm taking a 'Willy Wonka' inspired journey with my painkillers and anti-inflammatories.

What did your GP say when you told him how you'd been?

I wasn't seeing the GP- just the practice nurse for my bloods. She said she thought I should speak to the GP but then I dont really feel they understand that much about this. They can't tell you to do anything as it all goes through the Rheumy. It took me long enough to convince the GP just to get referred in the first place.
I had a bad day yesterday- had to go to bed after work with some pain killers cos my hands and feet were so sore, so I have phoned the local rheumatology nurse helpline and asked if they thoght I should be telling someone. Oddly I actually spoke to a real human being not an answerphone for once! So will see what they say.

Hi theunfamousfly - fingers crossed for you - let us know how you get on.