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Sleep Training for Young People with Arthritis


On Saturday 13th September, Arthritis Care Scotland's Young People and Families Service organised a 'Sleep Workshop' to help young people better manage their condition.

Good sleep is essential when managing a chronic condition. This one-day workshop for 16 to 25 year olds looked at the Why? When? How? and How much? of sleep, and explored why good quality sleep is important for young people in coping with life and arthritis.

They also looked at  information and self-management tools to develop better sleep patterns, and found out about the benefits this can bring to life with a long-term condition.

Participants reported, on average:

  • a 44% reduction in isolation
  • a 43% increase in feeling positive about your arthritis
  • a 42% increase in confidence in expressing how arthritis affects them
  • a 25% increase in having high hopes for the future
  • a 44% increase in confidence in being yourself
  • a 94% increase in feeling enabled to take control of their sleep 

For further information about the Sleep Workshops, contact JoAnne McKay YPFS Manager, on 07834 418449 or e-mail [email protected]