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At Arthritis Care Scotland, we take pride in involving people with all forms of arthritis at every stage of the work we do. Being a devolved part of UK wide charity, it is vital that people with arthritis in Scotland are supported by us in a way that is meaningful to them, and that we can harness their voice and ensure it is heard within the relevant Scottish and UK decision making processes.

Whether through campaigning, locally or nationally, or working in partnership with other organisations to deliver tailored support services locally, we have established mechanisms to ensure that the voice and experience of people affected by arthritis are reflected at every step of the process.

As the world around us changes quickly, arthritis treatments improve, and life expectations increase, it is important that we keep learning how best to support you and we need to learn from each other. There are many opportunities to engage with us on this website, and these will lead to many more opportunities to engage with us in person, helping us to give you the support you need, as well as other people with arthritis in every community across Scotland.