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Funded Projects

Currently Arthritis Care Scotland has a variety of projects underway, which provide direct support to people living with arthritis in communities throughout Scotland. These projects were developed to meet needs identified as a priority, by people living with the condition themselves.

We also work with a variety of partners, such as the Scottish Government, local NHS agencies, The Lottery Fund, The Health & Social Care Alliance, along with local Arthritis Care branches, to provide funding to deliver the vital support provided within each project.

Our current menu of projects cover a range of age groups, from as young as 14, and are aimed at engaging people with arthritis in a range of activities. Some of our projects are based in local communities, and all are devised to offer peer support, and to help people to live full and active lives, with arthritis.

These projects will change over time. As people's needs change, the projects will change and develop to meet them, and they will provide plenty of opportunities to engage people as they go.

If you are interested in participating in any of our projects, as a participant, volunteer or as a potential partner, please contact us using the links on each page.