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Peer Support

What is Peer Support?

There is not a generally accepted definition of peer support. There are as many definitions of peer support as there are Peer Support Programs. There is one common element upon which all agree and that is that peer support is one person facing challenges providing help and support to another person facing similar challenges. Peer Support for people with similar life experiences or in the same age bracket has proven tremendously important towards helping many people to move through difficult situations. In general, peer support has been defined by the fact that people who have like experiences can better relate and can consequently offer more authentic empathy and validation.

Peer Support in Arthritis Care Scotland.

Peer support is not a new concept in Arthritis Care, and for many years the ethos of people with arthritis supporting other people with arthritis to manage their condition better has been incorporated into much of the work we have undertaken over the past two decades. Through our self-management programmes, the key learning points regarding making choices and changing health behaviours make a far more significant impact, when delivered by someone who has ‘walked a mile in your shoes.’

Peer Support that suits you.

Elements of Peer Support have been built into every project that we undertake, whether that is young people supporting each other through Joint Potential, people supporting each other through a variety of shared interests in Joint Activity or trainers delivering Joint Approaches self-management workshops which build on their own lived experience.  This allows us to develop our support to meet your needs as a person with arthritis and other long term conditions.  We have also been testing the use of new technologies such as email and text in Peer Support, with a view to developing this aspect of our work into fundable, local projects. Watch this space for new developments.

Have Your Say Project for 14-25 year olds

Funded by the Better Together - Patient Experience Programme

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